Lisa Rinna's Husband Harry Hamlin Says He Has His 'Divorce Lawyer on Speed Dial'

Lisa Rinna's husband Harry Hamlin was not a fan of the fact that she was going to be on The Real [...]

Lisa Rinna's husband Harry Hamlin was not a fan of the fact that she was going to be on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, joking that he had his divorce lawyer on speed dial because of it. When the 56-year-old broke the news to her husband, his response was less than amused by her entering the world of reality television, stating his fear that they may get a divorce if she followed through with it because it's what happened to so many women who are on the different Housewives shows.

"I said to Lisa, 'You can't do this. Everybody who does that show gets divorced. It's a horrible, horrible thing, to do that show," he explained. He added in his interview with The Daily Beast, "I have my divorce lawyer on speed dial,"

Rinna signed up for the show in 2014 and his been a popular personality on the Bravo series since. Hamlin and Rinna share daughters Delilah, 21, and Amelia, 18. Hamlin, who was also previously married to exes Nicolette Sheridan and Laura Johnson, also shares son Dimitri, 39, with ex-girlfriend Ursula Andress. Hamlin admitted that what helped him come around to the idea of his wife being a reality personality, was former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel.

"Bethenny convinced me from a branding point of view [that] it would be a good thing to do," he confessed. "Then I was open to doing it on my own terms."

Frankel has had massive success with her Skinny Girl brand ever since appearing on the show. However, for Hamlin, there was one condition: He had to appear on the show with her if she were to sign on.

"The husbands have the same obligations as the wives do," he said. "They want you to show up and be involved. I said I wasn't going to do that. So, we concocted a way to get around it."

Fans of reality television have long wondered if reality TV is scripted or not, but the Broadway star confirms that their show is not scripted at all, but he does help his wife out in one particular way, saying, "I pull out my psychology degree from Yale and my DSM-5 manual and we see what all the personality disorders are blossoming and figure out how to deal with all the personalities, and what Lisa can do to stay above the fray."