Leah Remini Reveals Attacks on Scientology Survivors in Latest Docuseries Episode

Leah Remini explored the repercussions of speaking out against the Church of Scientology Tuesday in the newest episode of Scientology and the Aftermath, getting back in touch with people who opposed the church in the first season of her A&E docuseries.

"When we have a contributor come on the program, within seconds they have a hate website," Remini said. "...but what's crazier is that Scientology doesn't stop after that. They continue their abuse and now they've taken their abuse to a level that is f--king sick."

"Their policy is to utterly annihilate," co-host Mike Rinder said.

Mary Kahn, who spoke out against the church in December 2016, not only had a website posted calling her a "con," but a video campaign released by the church featuring her estranged son Sammy, who is still a Scientologist.

In the video, Sammy says it was his mother's choice not to be in contact with him because she chose to oppose something that "really makes (him) happy."

They also released publicly information about a child from a past marriage that Kahn said was part of why she found herself wounded enough to join the Church of Scientology in the first place.

Not all has been bad, however.

Chantal Dodson, a longtime friend of Remini's who appeared on last week's episode of the docuseries received a text from her estranged mother soon after she appeared on the show.

"I am personally, totally done with Scientology," she said. "We also know what grave mistakes we made being a part of it," she continued.

Dodson's mother appeared on the show alongside her long lost daughter this week, saying she "didn't give a damn" if nothing came out of her TV appearance but one parent leaving Scientology and returning to their family


"I beg of you, I beg of you, save you children," she said, weeping. "Go back to your children."

The Church of Scientology denies the claims Remini has made during the docuseries.