Kim Kardashian Addresses Possible Future in Politics: 'Never Say Never'

Kim Kardashian West may not be thinking about running for office, but that does not mean it'll never happen.

The reality star recently sat down with CNN's Van Jones to discuss a future in politics, especially after she helped get Alice Johnson out of her life sentence.

(Photo: Youtube/TODAY)

When asked if she had any interest in running for public office, Kardashian replied that it's not really on her mind. When reminded by Jones that "Trump is president it, it could happen," she replied, "I know. That's why Kanye loves him. It's the idea that anything can happen... I guess never say never. But that's not going to be like, Kim's running. That's not where I am. I just want to help one person at a time."

The KKW Beauty CEO had a big win in her fight to help people when Johnson, who according to The Hollywood Reporter was convicted in 1996 for a non-violent drug offense and sentenced to life in prison, was released. She served 21 years in prison before Kardashian personally took her case to the president in May.

A week later, Trump commuted Johnson's sentence and she was released.

"Ms. Johnson has accepted responsibility for her past behavior and has been a model prisoner over the past two decades," the White House said in a statement.

"I felt like she's a good person. You can see that in her. That she lost her long-time job, got a divorce, her son died," Kardashian said, "and I know that I would do anything for my kids and so I just felt this connection to her. Like instantly, that I just wanted to help her."

The two women met in person for the first time this week for an interview with TODAY, in which Johnson admitted she did not know who Kardashian was when she found out she was advocating for her freedom.

After her pardoning was announced, Kardashian was the one who broke the news to Johnson in a phone call where she told her she could finally go home.

"When she said that, I went into full-fledged Pentecostal holy dance," Johnson recalled. "I started screaming and jumping."

During that interview, Kardashian said she could imagine herself continuing to work on behalf of others in similar situations to Johnson's.


"People have been asking me are you getting into politics? Like no. I'm still doing me. But I enjoy this," she said. "This has fulfilled my heart and so since I feel so fulfilled, why would I stop that?"

But hey, she also said "never say never."