Joe Giudice Reflects on Effect His 'Mistake' Had on His Family After Separating From Wife Teresa Giudice

Joe Giudice is reflecting on the mistakes he's made in life as the Real Housewives of New Jersey star opens up about missing his family following his deportation to Italy. The Bravo star, 47, seemingly referenced his 41-month prison sentence for various fraud charges as he shared a photo taken by daughter Milania of his father's grave.

"My mistake has caused me literally not to touch my daughters everyday and you again. This terrible feeling continues as tears stream down my face knowing I can't see you," Joe wrote to his late father in the heartfelt caption.

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"My promise to you dad and my girls I will never make the same mistake again," he continued. "I must accept my flaws and forgive myself to go forward."

"Thank you buddy for visiting Nonno," he concluded, tagging Milania. "I look up to you daughters more and more each day."

The Giudice patriarch appears to be reflecting heavily on his past as he faces a final ruling in his deportation case that would prevent him from ever returning to the U.S.

On Feb. 29, Joe shared a video montage of his daughters, Gia, 19, Gabriella, 15, Milania, 14, and Audriana, 11, with a lengthy caption.

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"No matter how much energy and time I devoted to trying it failed. I did my best and put all efforts into making this a great experience for my family," Joe wrote. "I did try to address issues in the relationship that bothered me throughout the years in return [cameras] portrayed it as Criticism! My key role was to always to be a great father and husband not the [villain]."

He added, "Today I [see], I can't allow others to keep lingering toxins and undesirable demands around me. I choose to have a solid foundation with strong and inspiring people around me in [Italy]."

On the Real Housewives of New Jersey finale, fans watched as Teresa and the girls reunited with Joe in Italy for the first time since his prison sentence. It was a heartfelt reunion, but one that ended in Joe and Teresa agreeing to separate their marriage.

"Teresa and I share a bond that can never be broken," Joe wrote on Instagram after the episode aired. "We have both been through something that has brought so much hurt and heartache into our lives, for this is something that I must live for rest of my life. We are both strong, we are both survivors and only want best for our daughters. No matter what past is done."


"We want to go forward to teach girls all marriages do not end in hate. Love is real and co-parenting is possible," he added. "Our daughters are always loved by both of us and now it's time to start new chapter in our lives!"

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