'Jeopardy' GOAT Tournament: Fans Are Rolling Over Brad Rutter's Bong Joke

Brad Rutter has Jeopardy! fans declaring him their new favorite as the Greatest of All Time player cracked a joke about his own appearance in a group photo with fellow champs James Holzhauer and Ken Jennings amid the tension-filled tournament pitting the three record holders against one another for the ultimate GOAT title. Noting his half-closed eyes and bemused smile, Rutter joked it looked like he had ripped "a huge bond load," while his fellow players had declined.

The joke was an absolute hit in the Jeopardy! community, prompting a wave of new followers for Rutter.

Having Rutter, Jennings and Holzhauer competing in the same game is an absolute delight, longtime host Alex Trebek told TMZ in a new interview, calling it a "Super Bowl-type competition."

"In the first half of the match, I don't think they missed one clue," Trebek said of Tuesday's episode of the tournament. "When you're dealing with players of this caliber, you know that there aren't going to be many mistakes. It's very competitive."

"It was good to be back with Ken and Brad again and to have James on hand to make it a great competition," Trebek said, explaining that the three men are almost like family. "You have to keep in mind that these are three individuals who have had great success on our program and have been on the show so many times that they are almost like best friends or close relatives. It's good to be able to spend time with them even though I operate in an official capacity of moderator of the program."


Photo credit: Ben Hider/Getty Images