Jenelle Evan's Makeup Company Has One Major Problem Right Now

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans’ makeup business, JE Cosmetics, is in hot water. Just days after the reality TV star was dropped by another company, it has been revealed that JE Cosmetics is not registered as a business entity, a spokesperson for the North Carolina Secretary of State’s Office confirmed in a statement to Radar Online.

“There was an attempt to register the company as an LLC in November 2017, but the registration was never completed,” the clerk explained. “A letter was sent, but there was no response since then.”

According to the North Carolina Secretary of State’s Office, “business corporations, nonprofit corporations, limited liability companies and others are required to register with the North Carolina Secretary of State’s Office prior to conducting business in the state.”

Additionally, the outlet reports that they were unable to find registered business entities for the company in the states of California, New York and Delaware.

Evans had first launched the makeup line in 2017, during which time she filed to trademark “JE Cosmetics,” though she had quietly closed the business towards the end of 2018. However, in April of this year, Evans filed documents to revive her trademark application for the beauty line. As of this posting, the status of the trademark is currently “live.”

In July, amid controversy surrounding David Eason’s shooting death of their family dog Nugget, it had been reported that Evan’s company had been seen as “marketable in a business capacity” and that the Teen Mom alum had been speaking to “several different cosmetic suppliers for over a year to relaunch and rebrand the line.” She had allegedly “inked with various vendors and suppliers” and was set to new line on Sept. 7, though things have recently taken a turn for the worse.

On Sept. 19, Radar Online reported that only 150 of Evans' Universal Brow Kit were sold, despite that 3,000 had been manufactured. Those who had shelled out the $40 for the kits were left angered due to a lack of eyebrow color choices, poor quality, and hair reportedly found in the wax.

Soon after, it was reported that XJ Beauty, the cosmetics manufacturer that made the eyebrow kit, had dropped Evans.


“XJ Beauty sent Jenelle a termination letter on September 19," a source told the outlet. “It stated that XJ Beauty will no longer be involved or work with JE Cosmetics and Jenelle Evans."

Responding to the reports, Evans claimed that she had “cut ties” with the manufacturer and denied claims that only a handful of the product had been sold.