How Much Did Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Pay to Build New House?

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard announced plans to build a new house in Lowell, Arkansas, leading some fans to wonder how they could afford to move and build a whole new home.

On Thursday, the Counting On stars posted the "exciting news" on the Duggar family blog, sharing photos of their young family at a construction site. According to the two, they will be moving closer to their family.

"The last few weeks for us have been busy! Not only just keeping up with life and Derick’s hectic school schedule, but we have also been in the process of planning for the future," the couple wrote. "We are excited to share with you that we are moving!!"

They continued, "We are relocating to Lowell, AR, which is closer to family and more centrally located in Northwest Arkansas. We started the process to build several months ago and have taken pictures along the way and are excited to share them with y’all now!"

While it is not clear how much the plot of land cost, The Cheat Sheet noted that Arkansas is the fourth-cheapest state for brand-new homes, according to GoBankingRates. The estimated cost of building a new home there is $162,662.

Many of the fans on the Duggar family site congratulated the couple, but others took to Instagram to wonder how they could afford to build new home from the ground up, especially when Dillard is a full-time student. The two are also parents to Samuel Scott, 1, and Israel David, 4.

"I’m absolutely not passing judgement on them. I honestly like them and their family. I watch the show. And when someone moves on up in the world, of course I’m happy for them. But like I said, it’s a legitimate curiosity to wonder how they could afford it. Don’t you agree," one fan wrote to another.

"How do y’all pay for this and law school without loans? I know y’all don’t believe in mortgages, school loans, or being in debt. Derick has said y’all were unpaid volunteers for TLC," another wrote. "I ask because my hubby is in the ministry, and I’m wondering if Instagram marketing pays a good income so we could afford something like this too! Thanks for any advice!"

More recent comments turned to defending the couple, with some noting that the couple's finances are none of anyone's business.

"Folks [gotta] mind the business that pays them. What someone else eats doesn’t make me s– soooooooo how they can afford what they have ain’t mine or anyone else’s business but theirs," one fan wrote.

"Maybe they got a loan to build a house. That is borrowing money, doesn't mean you have money. Geeee who cares how they got ir. Just be happy for them," another wrote.

Another fan pointed out how inexpensive it is to live in Arkansas.


"Do any of you know who are hating on here how inexpensive it is in Arkansas to live?" one person wrote. "Just be happy for them they are both great people. Derrick will be quite successful when done with school and have plenty of money. Congrats."

Photo credit: Instagram