Chip and Joanna Gaines Honor US Shooting Victims and Families With Heartwarming Gesture

In the days following a string of mass shootings across the U.S. that claimed at least 38 lives and injured dozens more, reality stars Chip and Joanna Gaines are paying it forward by revealing their company, Magnolia Market will donate sales profits made last weekend to organizations helping the recent shooting victims and their families.

In a post shared to their Twitter and Instagram, the couple admitted that their heart was breaking over the tragedies across the United States.

"This past week's events were incredibly difficult. We cannot begin to comprehend the loss that the communities in Texas, Ohio, California and Mississippi must be feeling," the statement read. "Our hearts are breaking and we feel the need to quickly offer whatever tangible support we can — so Magnolia Market will be donating net profits from this past weekend's sales to organizations helping the victims, their families and the communities impacted by the recent tragedies."

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The couple also announced they would be "organizing a blood drive here in Waco for all Magnolia employees and Market visitors in the upcoming days."

"Please do what you can to spread kindness and love in the face of these tragic events. You can start by donating directly to the Red Cross," the statement concluded.

While the Gaines remained mum and issued no further statement, fans took the comments section to commend the HGTV couple's actions, while others expressed they wanted more done in our country.

"Thank you for posting this. But I want to do more. This has got to stop!!" one fan wrote.

"Please consider using your platform to be proactive in endorsing common sense gun laws," added another. "It's lovely that you're trying to help victims after the fact but we need to stop people from dying. is a great resource for you to get started," wrote another.

"The only thing that's truly going to change our current crisis (yes, it's a crisis) is reform — gun, mental health, all of it. If our government officials can't see that.... vote 'em out. Simple," added another.

"Thank you for your leadership and stewardship in the face of evil! You & your family stand up for what is good & right in this country. The Lord continue to bless you & your efforts wherever HE leads you! [Love] to the Gaines Family!"

"How can we make plastic bags in a grocery store uncool and NOT make gun possession uncool?? Change the culture, make it uncool to carry a gun....laws won't change anything until the people demand it!" added another.

"VOTE those who refuse to stand up to the NRA out of office," demanded another.

Since July 25, at least 57 people have died in shootings across the U.S., according to the United States Gun Violence Archive, with high casualties reported in both El Paso and Dayton.


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