Brie Bella Says She's 'Very Insecure' About Her Post-Pregnancy Body on 'Total Divas'

After giving birth to her first baby in May, WWE star Brie Bella was really struggling with insecurities about her body, she revealed on Total Divas.

In Wednesday's episode, Brie looks on uncomfortably in a sweatshirt and shorts as twin Nikki Bella poses in a tiny outfit during a photo shoot for their clothing line.

"I'm gonna look really out of shape," the 34-year-old says, before her negative thoughts are shot down by Nikki.

Later, while in Cabo, Mexico celebrating Nikki's engagement to WWE superstar John Cena, Brie is getting down on herself while wearing a one-piece swimsuit around the other divas.

"Everyone's in cut bikinis and I'm gonna be in my one-piece," she says.

She continues, confessing to the camera, "Since giving birth, it's been a little hard on me, because I gained 40 lbs. in pregnancy, and I hope my one-piece isn't like a mom suit, and also I'm going to be among all the girls, and I'm totally gonna look like the mom."

"Brie, you gotta stop tripping about yourself," Nikki tells her.

When wrestler Lana asks her how she's feeling "honestly" about her body since she gave birth to her daughter Birdie, Brie answers, "Very insecure," before adding that she of course recognizes that she just "birthed a miracle."

But it's all worth it, the Diva said in August.

"The best thing [about being a mom] is just the love you feel for your baby," she said to Entertainment Tonight.

She continued: "The breastfeeding, that bond, and honestly, this was the first morning where she didn't wake up to us, but when she wakes up, and her little eyes open, and they see you, this smile... and babies have innocent smiles, they don't fake anything. They let you know exactly how they're feeling."


"So it's that genuine smile of like, 'Mommy,' and you're just like, 'Aww,'" she added. "I don't want it to ever go away."

Photo credit: Instagram /@briebella