Bobby Bones: 'American Idol' Judges Weigh in on Ryan Seacrest's Replacement

American Idol fans weren't the only ones shocked when longtime host Ryan Seacrest revealed he would be passing over his duties to Bobby Bones — judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan couldn't believe it either!

Prior to Monday's episode of the ABC singing show, which featured the Top 20 contestants performing duets with stars like lovelytheband and Julia Michaels, the country radio personality announced that for the first time in 17 years of the show, Seacrest would be taking a sick day.

"Welcome to American Idol. Now, I am not Ryan Seacrest; I am Bobby Bones," the Dancing With the Stars winner said in a clip. "Sadly, Ryan is sick, and I look most like him so they asked me to fill his shoes tonight."

"Ryan, love you, buddy," Bones added. "Hope you get better."

Perry, Richie and Bryan took to social media after news broke Monday about the episode, which appears to have been filmed several weeks ago, offering their take on Seacrest's first sick day and Bones' hosting skills.

"Proof that [Ryan Seacrest] is human after all," Perry tweeted, adding a shocked face emoji and robot. "And it only took 17 years for you to use your sick day, not bad #AmericanIdol #getbettersoonryan."

She even echoed Bones saying he looked like Seacrest, tweeting two similar photos of the two men side by side with the hashtag, "#TWINNING."

Richie chimed in at the comparison, "[By the way], I totally see the resemblance!" adding, "Wow, [Ryan Seacrest] missing an [American Idol] show day is crazy! Hardest working guy in the business! ... Go Bobby! Go Bobby!"

Bryan also revealed he had suspicions Seacrest might not be totally human, joking, "[Ryan Seacrest] we missed you for this one! Really thought you might be a robot but glad you're feeling better. Haha."

American Idol airs Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.


Photo credit: ABC