'Bering Sea Gold': Vernon Adkison Isn't Feeling Good About Steve Riedel's First Dive in Exclusive Finale Clip

Vernon Adkison may be riding high wrapping up a successful gold mining season, but the Bering Sea Gold captain is getting brought back down to earth by Steve Riedel. Riedel, the father of Eroica Captain Emily Riedel, is back in the mining game as gold prices make their way to an all-time high amid the coronavirus pandemic, but the preparation for his first dive has Adkison about ready to "upchuck."

PopCulture's exclusive sneak peek of Friday's season finale of the Discovery show picks up with Adkison and his crew picking up the last 3 ounces of gold needed to complete the purchase of Claim 56. "The gold is just flowing into the nozzle," Adkison tells the camera. "I couldn't be happier right now — I'm damn near ecstatic. We'll finish out this season here with a bang."

A miner's work is never done, however, and now the seasoned pro is turning this focus to winter preparations. That's where Steve's first dive comes in. "We need to do some prospecting, poke some holes, lock in some options for ice season," Adkison explains, "so I'm praying Steve doesn't make me regret this decision."

Woken up from dozing off on board, Steve's dive preparations have his fellow miners both shaking their heads and giggling. Struggling to put on his wetsuit and gear alone, Adkison admits he's not feeling great about the dive. "I'm watching Steve get ready and he's not radiating confidence," he says with a twinge of sarcasm. "Matter of fact just watching him, I'm getting ready to about upchuck myself." The preview ends with Steve ready to descend into the Bering Sea, but fans will have to tune in to Friday's finale to see exactly how it goes.

Prior to the season, Steve's daughter poked fun at his return to the mining game alongside Zeke Tenhoff. "Either the price [of gold] was way too high [to resist], or Steve or Zeke are way too unemployed," Emily quipped to PopCulture in May. "Gold mining does have a way of reaching out and grabbing you. Once you have the gold bug, you never want to relinquish it — you want to go out and get some more."


Despite her love for her dad, Emily wasn't exactly feeling the competition. "As competitive gold miners, they're not a consideration for me," she said. "Like, bless them, but that's definitely not the standard I hold myself to. ...I think that bar is best kept by yourself." Don't miss Bering Sea Gold, airing Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery and is streaming on discovery+.