Bam Margera, Star of 'Jackass', Continues Posting Videos That Have Fans Beyond Concerned

Bam Margera's latest concerning videos about his personal issues are troubling fans, and they are weighing in. Margera's latest rant sees him venting about his family and friends and bluntly asking Dr. Phil McGraw for guidance. Jackass and Viva La Bam fans are giving their best advice to the 39-year-old former MTV reality star as he waits for the beloved TV personality's response to his request for treatment.

"I am sober and I have a great life and I did it for my kids," one fan said. "You're a grown ass man come on Bam, I grew up watching you. You're definitely losing your s— get it together you got this."

A second added, "At least he’s acknowledging that he’s in a bad place. You’ll be alright, Bam."

One even suggested he find religion: "Dr. Phil can only help you to a point. It’s time for you to find Jesus and let him help heal your broken heart and soul. Much love to you Bam. Prayers for you."

Some have also stepped in to defend Margera's loved ones against some of his accusations. He accused his mom, Viva La Bam cast member April Margera, of bot carry about him and not thinking a recent near-death experience was a big deal. Many said that his string of personal dramas in the past year may have just "numbed" her to some of the things he's going through.

"Your mum loves you and cares about you," one fan wrote. "She wants the best for you. You may not see it now but you are blessed to have a mum who cares for you. Not everyone is so lucky."

Another commenter wrote, "April acted like that because it DOES happen every other month. What you're putting her through would f— over anybody's emotions and numb them to an extent. You're the wreck, not her."

A portion of Bam's videos were about friend Brandon Novak, who appeared in several Jackass films. He claimed Novak was refusing to help him in his time of need when Margera claimed he would help Novak all the time during low points in his friend's life.

"Maybe he is afraid that if he hangs around with you, he will end up drinking again?" one fan suggested.


A second chimed in saying "You enabled him, and now your behavior is more than likely a trigger for him. Take responsibility for yourself and focus on yourself."

None of the targeted parties nor Dr. Phil have publicly reacted to Bam's messages.