'Alaskan Bush People' Mom Ami Brown Undergoes Important Cancer Tests to Family's Concern

Alaskan Bush People matriarch Ami Brown may have come a long way in her fight against cancer, but in Sunday's all-new episode of the Discovery show, an important doctor's trip threw everyone for a loop.

Ahead of leaving the family's new Washington home for the California specialists who took lead on her chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Ami expressed a quiet reluctance to return to the city and receive the results of the test that would determine if her body was continuing to recover from the devastating disease.

"As far as returning to the doctor, I wish it was already over," she admitted to the cameras. "We're all questioning what the results will be, but whatever it is, it is."

She explained the status of her health, saying, "Well, the cancer ain't all the way gone, but in the essence, yes it has abated, and we're fighting it, and we're winning. And this mountain and this new home gives us new energy every day and every day we accomplish and every day we're safe."

Ami took along husband Billy and son Bear on her trip, leaving her other children behind to continue building the family's new homestead. That didn't mean they didn't wish they could accompany her as well.

"I wish that I could have gone with them," daughter Snowbird admitted to the camera. "There wasn't a doctor's visit that I wasn't there, so it's hard to not go. Especially what if something happens? And it will definitely be harder to work because I don't know what the test results are going to be ."

Dad Billy clarified to the kids, "If she comes back clear this time...it's finally gone," adding to the glum faces of the kids, "We got plenty of space, we're all together ... and we believe in Jesus."

Son Matt reassured his mom, "You've already been through so much that, you know, you're tough enough to make this."

Even son Bam showed his softer side, gifting his mother a beautiful ceramic cross for the journey, explaining, "It's our tradition giving something back and forth."

He explained later, "There's a pit in the bottom of your stomach to wait and wonder what's going on and what the test results are, but we have to stay here and do our best to build things up while they're gone and just focus on the work we need to do."

Will Ami's tests come back clean? Or will the Browns need to band together again?


Alaskan Bush People airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery.

Photo credit: Discovery