Twitter Is Not Happy With United's New Economy Ticket

Airline tickets can be a huge expense for travelers no matter what time of year, but one company has decided to do something about it. United airlines have just announced a new, lower cost ticket for many of their flights starting in 2017. But despite the lower price, Twitter is not happy about it.

The reason for the anger is that the new “Basic Economy” ticket doesn’t include the ability to use the overhead compartments. This means that for the price of the ticket, the passenger only gets their seat and space under the seat for luggage.

United says that the passengers with the “Basic Economy” tickets will be able to bring on one personal item, such as a backpack, purse, or laptop bag, but it must fit under the seat in front of the flyer. This leaves very little room for those who need to bring almost anything along with them on their flights.

Needless to say, Twitter isn’t going to stay quiet about this issue.

Now, passengers who opt for the “Basic Economy” ticket are allowed to check their luggage, however, that comes at an extra cost. What’s more, the new ticket also limits those passengers from being able to select their seats, which means that families won’t be guaranteed seats together.

There are some exceptions to these rules. For example, if passengers are members of the airline’s various clubs or have a certain credit card, certain rules don’t apply. However, if you are just a casual traveler looking for the best deal, you might need to find another way to get your clothing to your destination.

What do you think of this new ticket option from United?


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