Texas Man 'Heard Voices' Telling Him To Kill Wife And Son

Craig Vandewege has been charged with the murder of his wife and infant son, with new details emerging that make the horrific crime even more bizarre. A police affidavit obtained by PEOPLE details that Vandewege heard voices that told him to kill people and also had dreams of harming his spouse.

36-year-old Shanna Vandewege and 3-month-old Diederick were found dead in Fort Worth, TX on December 15. Last week, Craig was detained, but not before he could tell a man he met inside a 7-Eleven that he was headed to Las Vegas to meet with president-elect Donald Trump to discuss the murders. Apparently, he told the man “the government was trying to conspire against him by saying he had killed his family” and that he was "on the run."

Police arrived at the convenient store after reports of a man acting suspiciously just in time to tail Craig's vehicle. After being pulled over, Craig apparently showed little emotion while explaining “it had been a long week and his wife and kid were murdered in Fort Worth, Texas."

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When Craig was searched, the police found a "number of condoms," his wedding ring, and a handgun in his possession, according to the affidavit. Once they searched his vehicle, they found “camouflage, clothing, numerous bottles of medication and an AR-style rifle.”

In the aftermath of the murders, Fort Worth detectives spoke to many of Craig's co-workers who claimed he often complained “about his wife and her appearance” and spoke about harming her. Merely days before the double murder, a co-worker said he'd had a dream in which “he ‘sliced the heads of his wife and father like bologna.’ ”

According to the affidavit, Craig told co-workers about starting a medication that made him “hear voices that tell him to kill people,” and upon the discovery that Shanna was pregnant, “he wished he could push her down the stairs and kill her that way.”

The disappointment of a potential family was not a shared sentiment, as a childhood friend of Shanna emailed police saying, “[Shanna] had wanted a family since she was a little girl. She planned it out, including names, before she was 12.”

The affidavit notes that blood was found on the rims of two sinks in the household, which police theorize was someone's attempt to clean the crime scene. The police also found evidence that implies someone tried to stage the crime scene to look like a robbery.

The suspect is currently waiting for extradition to Texas and has yet to enter a plea against his charges.


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