Store Owner Gets Wrecked After Spitting In Customer's Face

One convenience store owner learned a valuable lesson the hard way: Don't spit in your customer's face.

A customer and the store owner were caught on video getting into a heated exchange with one another. The men are only inches away from one another when the customers says, "Put me out."

Happy Monday

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In what turned out to be a poor decision, the store owner spits on the man's face. Immediately after, the customer springs into action and punches the store owner.

The two are seen scrapping in the small store, and the customer landed several blows to the owner's head. After a forceful shot, the owner falls to the ground.

Other customers in the store were heard yelling for the men to stop, but their pleas were in vain as the customer continued wailing on the owner.

When the store owner returned back to his post behind the counter, his nose was bloodied from the brawl.

Legendary rapper Snoop Dogg re-posted the video on social media after it surfaced online. He posted the clip with the caption: "Happy Monday."

The clip also made its way onto World Star Hip-Hop's website. Many of the viewers were astonished that the store owner seemed surprised that the customer started throwing punches after spitting in his face.

World Star Hip-Hop user Michael wrote: "Anyone who spits in another mans face deserves every beating given. If u ask me, kid took it easy on dude." (sic)

"If you gonna spit in someone's face you may as well swing as you do it that's an automatic fight," WorldStar Hip-Hop user Malik Shagazz wrote.

Check out the video above.

What are your thoughts about this fight that broke out after a store owner spit in a customer's face?

[H/T World Star Hip-Hop]

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