Ohio Troopers Find $330,000 Worth of Marijuana Wrapped as Christmas Presents During a Traffic Stop

One California man was obviously using the holiday season to his advantage.

Ohio police caught 31-year-old Daniel Yates with $330,000 worth of weed disguised as Christmas presents.

Yates was originally pulled over for following another vehicle too closely, but the presents in the back smelled a little too suspicious in his rented Ford Expedition.

The officer called in the K-9 unit and confirmed that it was marijuana hiding in the "presents."

In fact, Yates was carrying 71 pounds of marijuana, 360 THC pills, and a pound of hash wax oil.

Yates is being charged with drug possession and trafficking.


Police are still unsure as to why Yates was in Ohio and where he was going.

This article originally appeared on Womanista.com