Lindsay Lohan Posted Another Weird Instagram Photo

Lindsay Lohan has been posting some strange Instagram posts lately. Some are topless selfies with weird captions, others a snapchat videos with ringing bells in the background and flickering lights. A few are of her just lying on the ground. It’s hard to tell what is going on with her lately.

One of her most recent photos is a snap of her lying on the ground, at night. Her hands are above her head, her feet pointed below her, and her eyes are closed. It’s a very crucifixion-esq pose. What’s more, she captioned the photo with a few words from Richard Burton about peace and love.

Many of her other posts have also had the same theme, about peace and serenity. In another post, she spoke about how silence has helped her find stories to tell, and in another, she spoke about peace and wisdom. Perhaps Lohan is trying to find a bit of peace in her life.

The Mean Girls actress has recently been through quite a lot in the public light. She and her ex-fiancé, Egor Tarabasov, were fighting frequently and in the spotlight. After which Lohan took things to the extreme and went a little overboard. She yelled and screamed and posted morbid Instagram photos. Not long after that, she nearly lost part of her finger in a boating accident.

Maybe this series of strange posts is just Lohan’s way of showing that she is taking a step back, giving peace and serenity a try. Either way, keeping an eye on her Instagram is certainly entertaining.


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