'Stanky Legg' Rapper Oh Boy Prince Hurt in Semi Truck Accident on Texas Highway

Matthew Griffith, who performs as Oh Boy Prince with the group GS Boyz, was injured during a traffic accident in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex earlier this year. The "Stanky Legg" performer opened up about the Jan. 6 accident for the first time in a new interview this week. Griffith said his girlfriend, Unique Musick, was with him at the time of the accident.

Griffith was driving his car on Interstate 30 and had just dropped his son off, he told The Shade Room. He was in the far left lane when the brake pad of an 18-wheeler in front of him flew off and hit his car. He claims it went through the windshield and dashboard before hitting his face, then landed in their son's car seat.

Musick needed to take control of the wheel to avoid crashing, Griffith said. "I just passed out. She kept telling me to get off the gas and hit the brake," he told The Shade Room. Once he realized what happened, Griffith pulled over as Musick called for police and an ambulance. "I was at a loss for words. I guess I was numb," Griffith said.

After the accident, Musick shared photos of the damage on her Facebook page. She said she was in shock during the incident and was only thinking about their son growing up without his parents. Her "main focus" was getting the couple to safety.

Griffith spent five days at the hospital, and doctors performed three surgeries, he said. "The impact fractured the bones in my face and right eye socket, so they had to put plates in my face, and screws and wires in my jaw," the rapper explained. He later added that the doctors had to make sure he did not lose his eyesight during reconstruction surgery.

Griffith came forward now because he wants to see justice in the case. Since a highway wall blocked a camera's view of the accident, it has been difficult to identify the 18-wheeler driver responsible. "I want justice. No one has been charged in this incident or being held responsible," he told The Shade Room.

The couple called for more safety precautions on the highway to make sure no one else faces an accident like this. "I feel like 18-wheelers need to make sure they're getting the vehicle checked before hitting the road," Musick said. "We could have died."