PnB Rock Murdered: Teenager Arrested in Shooting of Rapper

There's been a major crack in the homicide investigation into the death of 30-year-old rapper PnB Rock. After initially believing the rapper was targeted due to beef spanning his hometown of Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, they now say otherwise. TMZ reports that three people have been arrested in connection with his murder. Law enforcement sources say the 17-year-old son of Freddie Trone has been arrested in connection to the shooting. The teenager is allegedly the shooter, while Trome is accused of driving the getaway car. 

Sources told the media outlet that the father and son duo were already in the Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles parking lot when PnB arrived, removing the possibility that the late rapper was targeted by social media posts from him and his girlfriend showing their location. After the murder, they burned the getaway vehicle. A woman by the name of Shauntel Trone has also been arrested in connection to the shooting. She is said to be the teen's stepmother.

The PnB died after he was shot while eating at the LA eatery with his girlfriend on Sept. 12. He was pronounced dead at an L.A. area hospital. Video footage of his shooting was shared across several social media platforms. He was robbed of his chain during the shooting.

His murder sparked national debates about whether or not high-profile figures should post their location. As home invasions and robberies targeting hip-hop artists and reality stars seem to become a more common occurrence, many are urging celebrities to forgo posting for their safety. 


PnB was laid to rest in his hometown of Philadelphia a week after the shooting in a traditional Muslim ceremony. His family complained that the LA County Medical Examiner's Office refused to release the body in the time required for the ceremony, citing the homicide investigation component.