Miley Cyrus Poses in Crop Top, Announces Seventh Studio Album

Miley Cyrus announced her seventh studio album in spectacular fashion on Monday, and not a moment too soon.

Cyrus posted a black and white photo of herself in a vintage crop top and bedazzled jeans on Monday, announcing the title and release date of her new album. She Is Coming, her seventh album, will be out on this Friday, May 31.

"Pre Save now! Or live with regret for the rest of your existence," Cyrus wrote along with a link to the album page.

(Photo: Instagram @mileycyrus)

The black and white photo was framed as an album cover, although it was not clear if this was final or not. It had a parental advisory sticker in the corning, and featured Cyrus wearing a Sex Pistols T-shirt reading: "Never Mind the Bollocks." Cyrus credited photographer Gray Sorrenti for the picture.

In her Instagram Story, Cyrus included an animated version of the cover. It began with a close-up of her face in the album cover, then zoomed out to reveal the title, her name and the plain white frame. The cover was reminiscent of other iconic album art.

Fans were excited for the release — Cyrus' first since 2017. Many commented that they could not wait for the new record, despite the short wait.

"Can she come a little faster," one fan joked.

"Coming to save the music industry," added another.

"WE ARE READY BABE," a third person wrote excitedly.

In the two years since her last release, Cyrus has been through a lot to sing about. The 26-year-old reunited with and then married long-time boyfriend Liam Hemsworth in December, and took a turn as a judge on The Voice. She has been through a few drastic changes in her public persona, settling into a fusion of her country roots and her pop aspirations.

Cyrus' many promos for her new album leave little doubt that it will be unapologetic. The singer has a running Story on her Instagram showing her rehearsing bedecked in hippy jewellery and wearing a marijuana T-shirt.


Meanwhile, the new music comes with perfect timing, as Cyrus has a major role in the new season of Black Mirror, premiering on Netflix next Thursday. The acclaimed anthology show features Cyrus playing a version of herself in a surreal, dystopian future. The new season has just three episodes in it, so Cyrus' appearance will be a big part of it.

Miley Cyrus' new record, She Is Coming, will be out on Friday, May 31 on most major streaming platforms. Black Mirror Season 5 hits Netflix on Thursday, June 6.