Lance Bass Claims Britney Spears' Team Stopped Her From Meeting His Kids

For years, celebrities have complained that Britney Spears' former camp kept her under close control while she was under a near 13-year conservatorship. But apparently, there are still some issues. N'Sync member Lance Bass recently told a story about how the "Baby One More Time" singer flaked on meeting his twins. The revelation comes amid rumors of Spears' concerning behavior since her legal guardianship has changed. Insiders are said to be worried about her well-being and believe she needs watching over, but not as extreme as before. Bass said the pop princess reached out to arrange a meeting with his children, only to never show up.

"She has reached out through her people, wanting to meet the kids and all that," he said on his iHeartRadio podcast, Frosted Tips. But her handlers put a stop to the meeting. "You have to talk through people," he added of speaking with Spears. "It's very strange." The meeting happened when Spears was fighting for her conservatorship to end. 

Bass says he has no idea how Spears is doing, but he wishes her well. Spears has reportedly vowed to never perform again, something he hopes isn't true. "I don't know what to believe because I don't know how she is," he said. "I mean, maybe she is completely over performing, but I just know how much she loves it, and I know she's a competitive person also, so I can't imagine her never performing again."

Rapper Iggy Azalea also shared a similar stance about trying to work with Spears. The two performers collaborated on the 2015 single "Pretty Girls" and performed live together at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. Azalea said she was witness to the controlled environment Spears was under as a result of her father's strict influence. As a result, she opted not to work with Spears again, and has vowed not to unless under different circumstances.

Azalea told PEOPLE that she spoke out in support of Spears amid her conservatorship battle because she'd want the same in return and felt Spears' situation was unfair. "I know her and love her. She's such an icon and inspiration and was so kind to me that if I could help her in any way that I can, then I want to do that.," Azalea said at the time. "I never said anything before because I really wanted to respect her privacy but after she spoke, I just thought if I were in her shoes, I would want my friends to back me up. I felt like, you know what? Regardless of what people might think about it, I have to say something," she adds.