KISS' Gene Simmons Slams Coronavirus Conspiracist With Sarcastic Tweet

Just like the U.S. government, Gene Simmons is refuting all coronavirus conspiracies. The KISS frontman has been vocal about the need to stay home and practice social distancing for the greater good, even arguing it's not much of a sacrifice compared to prior generations.

Although on Monday, after user Bill Tennison questioned the numbers put out by the CDC, Simmons didn't hold back -- at all. "My apologies, Bill," Simmons wrote in the quote-tweet. "I was unaware you had more information than the CDC. Next time, when I want medical advice, I will ignore the CDC, and contact you. Thank you for clearing that up for me."

Things got going earlier on Monday after Simmons posted a YouTube video about how far a cough can travel, urging his followers to wear masks and keep a distance of six feet. This led to one snarky reply about how not everyone has the "luxury of mansions," to which Simmons replied with a concise "Cut it out."

"Just wear masks, to prevent other people from getting whatever it is you may have," Simmons continued. And stop the blame game. This affects every one of us. You and I. Cut it out."

Back in April, Simmons spoke to TMZ about the need for everyone to self-isolate as much as possible to help slow the spread of coronavirus. "What is the burden? The burden ain't much of anything," Simmons said about the Stay-at-Home mandates. "We should all shut up and get over ourselves. That includes yours truly. Not too long ago, our grandparents were asked to go fight a war overseas, a war they had nothing to do with, and 50 million deaths resulted in WWII. And your grandparents gave, many times, the ultimate sacrifice."


Simmons also worked in a dig at certain community and religious leaders who have been vocally opposing the measures. "You don't wanna get somebody else sick and perhaps die and you sure don't wanna get sick and perhaps die," Simmons added. "And, of course, the well-meaning religious people, who hold religious stuff, you aren't listening to the same god I am. God is saying 'STAY HOME, don't go to church!'"