Billie Eilish's Brother Finneas Rushed to Hospital for Surgery After Accident

Billie Ellish' brother is recovering after having surgery due to a bike accident. Fellow musician Finneas is on the mend after being injured in an electric bike accident revealed how he's doing in an Oct. 27 Instagram post, showcasing a chest X-ray of the extent of the damage. "Last Friday, I had the pleasure of crashing my electric bike, flying over the handlebars and absolutely demolishing my collarbone as well as sustaining a radial head fracture to my right elbow," he wrote. "The severity of the displacement of my collarbone meant I required surgery which I am now on the other side of, and I'm feeling great!"

Finneas says things could have been worse, and he warned others to wear a helmet, which it appears he was not. "As foolish as I felt after the fall, my prevailing emotion is gratitude," Finneas added. "You see, I was not wearing a helmet. Lesson forever learned. I feel so lucky to still be here. Take care of yourselves, thank your bodies for all that they do for you."

He's thankful to his medical team for their tireless work, and says rehabilitation is the next step. Finneas also thanked his family and loved ones "for their support and love" and his girlfriend Claudia Sulewski "for dropping everything to take care of me the second this happened."

The musician added of Sulewski, "She has been an Angel through all of this." He also gave a timeline of his expected recovery journey. "I'm told with hard work, I'll be able to play billie's forum shows [in Los Angeles] come December," he added, "which I am so grateful for." He added, "See you all again soon."

Ellish hasn't commented on the accident. But he's gotten supportive comments on the post, including from his girlfriend, who commented three heart with bandage emojis.