Guns 'N Roses' Guitarist Slash Seeks Restraining Order Against Super Bowl Party Crasher

Slash, the legendary guitarist of Guns 'N Roses, reportedly filed for a restraining order on Friday against a man he says has been stalking him for over a month.

Slash went to a Pasadena Court on Friday, March 9, and filed for a restraining order against a man named Kevin Patrick Coleman, according to a report by The Blast. Slash claimed that Coleman had shown up at a Super Bowl part on Feb. 4 looking for him, and claiming that he had been invited. However, the classic rock icon didn't recognize the man, and ultimately sent him off.

Later, Coleman reportedly showed up at Slash's own personal residence during another private party. He told Slash's girlfriend, Meegan Hodges, that he was a friend. When he was refused entry, Coleman reportedly destroyed some of the rocker's property in the front of his house. The filings included security footage from Slash's home surveillance cameras to prove it. Coleman reportedly sat on his motorcycle in Slash's driveway for a while, loudly revving the engine.

On Monday, March 12, TMZ reported that a judge had granted a temporary restraining order for Slash. The guitarist reportedly fears that Coleman is a full-blown stalker.

"When my girlfriend answered through the intercom, Respondent Coleman adamantly insisted that he was invited to my stage persona's non-existent Super Bowl party," reads part of the filing. "He also insisted that he is my stage persona's neighbor. It is worth noting that, not only had I not invited him to any Super Bowl party, but I had never seen Respondent Coleman in my life prior to his attempted unlawful entrance to my private residence."


"In response to Coleman's second attempt at unlawful entry into my private residence, my girlfriend told Coleman that she did not know what he was talking about, and hung up again," reads the document.

Slash has only recently divorced his wife over 15 years, Perla Ferrar, who is now dating Three 6 Mafia star DJ Paul. Now on his own, the rock star picked up a mansion in Encino, California for just over $6 million. The new home is reportedly a trade up in classiness for Slash, with white oak flooring, white brick, decorative molding, high ceilings and nesting French doors. These take the place of the pirate ship chandeliers, skateboard halfpipe and in-home recording studio of his former home.