'Green Lantern' Director Martin Campbell Reveals If He'll Ever Direct Another Comic Book Movie (Exclusive)

The Green Lantern movie has been quite controversial over the years. Now the film's director Martin Campbell has revealed if he will ever make another comic book movie. PopCulture spoke with Campbell about his newest film, The Protege, and the discussion eventually swung toward the 2011 superhero movie. After being asked if he'd ever want to helm another comic book film, Campbell very clearly and directly replied, "Over my dead body," following his comment with a laugh.

Green Lantern starred Ryan Reynolds as the titular DC Comics character, Green Lantern recruit Hal Jordan. Other stars included Reynold's future spouse Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Angela Bassett and Tim Robbins. The film opened to mostly negative reviews, which led it to underperform at the box office. However, not everyone was critical of the film, as legendary film reviewer Leonard Maltin praised the movie for offering "a dazzling array of visual effects, a likable hero, a beautiful leading lady, a colorful villain, and a good backstory." Maltin added, "It also doesn't take itself too seriously."

With Green Lantern now a decade in the past, Campbell is focused on his intense new action-thriller, The Protege, which stars Maggie Q, Michael Keaton, and Samuel L. Jackson. In the film, Maggie Q plays Anna Dutton, an assassin who was rescued by Jackson's Moody Dutton when she was just a child. Dutton, an assassin himself, raised Anna to be an effective and emotionless killer. But when he winds up dead, things turn personal — naturally.

Anna is forced down a path that eventually pits her against Keaton's Michael Rembrandt, a formidable foe who won't be an easy target. During his conversation with PopCulture, Campbell praised Maggie Q and shared how her casting was crucial in making the film's action feel plausible. "So that our job was to really try and make it convincing that when she dished out, you really believed it," he said. "That she could actually do this. And I think you do. I think that's what's so good."


Campbell said that Maggie Q is completely "equal" to Michael Keaton's character, and dishes out her own brand of brutality without mercy. "They're both kind of almost equal stature in those terms," Campbell said, "but she gives as good as she gets." The Protege also stars Robert Patrick, Patrick Malahide, David Rintoul, Ori Pfeffer, Ray Fearon, and Caroline Loncq. It is now playing in theaters everywhere. Check your local listings for showtimes.