'American Horror Story' Star's Serial-Killer Movie Is Climbing Netflix's Charts

If you're looking for your next Netflix watch and you're in the mood for horror, one of their newest additions might be the right choice for your next scare-a-thon. A quick look at Netflix's top movies chart has this surprising addition: The Clovehitch Killer, currently rocking the #5 spot in the Top Ten Movies. Starring American Horror Story star Dylan McDermott, The Clovehitch Killer puts a chilling spotlight on the suburbs, proving that a sociopath can look just like anyone else. The film originally came out in 2018, making it an odd choice for the Top Ten, but it has clearly found a second life on Netflix.

The film seems to be picking up traction on Twitter as well, with several people tweeting about the film. "Dylan McDermott in The Clovehitch Killer!! Excellent Performance! I am NEVER going to the grocery store again by myself!!" one excited viewer tweeted. "I highly recommend The Clovehitch Killer on Netflix. I'm only 30 minutes in and I'm already incredibly uncomfortable," wrote another new fan.

When the film was first released, director Duncan Skiles spoke to Film School Rejects and explained why he cast McDermott is this particularly dark role. "I was going for what I perceived to be a naturalism and a realism, a believability, and a relatability, especially with Tyler [Looking for Alaska's Charlie Plummer]," Skiles said. "I wanted people to really feel for the guy. I wanted Don to feel like an authentic midwestern dad. I was a little bit hesitant about casting Dylan [McDermott] because he's very exceptional looking. I mean he's 56 years old now and he's very thin and handsome. He convinced me that he could do the physical transformation, and do the accent, and change his hair and stuff, to sell that realism."


While McDermott may not have been the obvious choice for the Everyman Dad with a Dark Side type, Skiles believes he got the right actor for the job. "I was really going for a dorky dad thing with him, and I think that he nailed it, in addition to the other things that he gets to play," the director concluded. "I think Dylan did an amazing job, and I'm really grateful to have worked with him."