Aja Naomi King Says She Was 'Very Pregnant' While Filming 'A Little White Lie' (Exclusive)

Aja Naomi King stars in a new movie called A Little White Lie, which also features Michael Shannon, Kate Hudson, Zach Braff, Don Johnson and Da'Vine Joy Randolph. And while King is happy with the film, she had to deal with different challenges while filming. PopCulture.com spoke exclusively to the How to Get Away with Murder alum who said she was close to having her baby boy, whom she welcomed in June 2021, while filming A Little White Lie

"I think it was over a year that passed before I could even finish shooting the rest of my part in the film," King exclusively told PopCulture. "The little bit of time that we did get to spend together, everyone was really great, and it was a lovely and brief experience. Even when I was shooting the rest of my stuff, everyone was still in masks, I was very pregnant, so I was being very cautious, just trying to finish this out. But it's a darling film, and I really love the overall messaging of it, which makes it really special." 

A Little White Lie premiered at the Newport Beach Film Festival in October and was officially released digitally on March 3. King explained that the process of filming the project was long. "It's a great movie that's mostly about imposter syndrome," King said. And that's where me and the director really connected in talking about imposter syndrome because that's kind of the basis of the film. This guy who thinks he's fooling everyone into thinking he's someone else, but he really is that person. It ends up being kind of a low self-esteem thing. But the really, truly, crazy thing about this movie is that we began filming this in March 2020. 

"So a lot of the rest of my stuff had to be shot by a green screen because we were shut down. California was shut down for the pandemic." A Little White Lie is directed by Michael Maren who was previously a journalist working for The Village Voice, GQ and The New York Times