Netflix Claims 'Uncut Gems' With Adam Sandler Would Be Streaming Soon, But Then Deletes Their Tweet

UPDATE: A24 has since confirmed that streaming and home video plans for Uncut Gems in the U.S. have yet to be announced. The article as it initially ran continues below:

As if the Oscars snub wasn't enough, fans of Adam Sandler's Uncut Gems felt a fresh disappointment from Netflix on Tuesday. The service tweeted that the movie would be available to users "outside the U.S." on Jan. 31, then added that domestic fans could watch it "soon." The tweet was soon deleted, leaving fans that much more heartbroken.

Uncut Gems was one of the biggest critical successes of 2019, with what many are calling a career-best performance from Sandler. However, the last minute entry did not get any nominations for the 2020 Oscars, and fans were outraged. After an angry two days on social media, they suffered further disappointment from Netflix.

"Your gems: uncut," read a tweet from the Netflix film account on Tuesday afternoon with a diamond emoji. "The Safdies' UNCUT GEMS, coming to Netflix outside of the US on January 31."

In a follow-up tweet, Netflix Film added that Uncut Gems would be streaming for subscribers in the U.S. "soon." That tweet was soon deleted, but not before it was seen, shared and even covered by many entertainment news outlets.

The decision may be a financial one, as social media users noted that Uncut Gems is not playing in theaters in many other countries. In a post for Fan Sided, Bryce Olin noted that producer A24 Films may want to get the most out of its theatrical run before it announces any streaming deals. Once they know the film will be included with an existing subscription, viewers might opt not to go to the movies and just wait to see it at home.

Uncut Gems tells the story of a jeweler and gambling addict played by Sandler, who goes to extreme lengths to get himself out of debt. It also stars Lakeith Stanfield, Idina Menzel, Kevin Garnett, Julia Fox and Eric Bogosian.

Of course, Sandler has a long-standing association with Netflix, which makes the service a natural home for Uncut Gems. Sandler has a multi-movie deal at the streaming giant, and he has already fulfilled part of that order with comedies like Murder Mystery, The Week Of and The Ridiculous 6.

While Sandler is the star, Uncut Gems has little in common with movies like those. Social media is full of jokes about Sandler's reputation, which fans speculate may have effected Uncut Gems' chances at the Oscars.

From the looks of it, Sandler intends to get right back to comedy after his dalliance with drama. The next two projects on his IMDb page are a Halloween-themed comedy called Hubie Halloween and Hotel Transylvania 4, due out in 2021. In his tweet about the Oscars snub, Sandler also seemed unfazed.


"Bad news: Sandman gets no love from the Academy. Good news: Sandman can stop wearing suits," he wrote.

Uncut Gems is still in theaters now.