Sony Pulls 'Bad Boys 3' From Schedule

Whatcha gonna do if the Bad Boys never come for you again?

After years of talking about a potential third film in the Bad Boys franchise, it looks as though the film might actually be more of a fun idea than an actual production.

Sony recently announced an update release schedule, giving new release dates to films like Silver & Black and Sicario 2: Soldado. Along with that good news came the announcements that the next Bad Boys movie and the live-action Barbie film had been taken off of the schedule.

Bad Boys For Life, as it has been titled, was set to reunite Will Smith and Martin Lawrence for a third installment. Unfortunately, there have been plenty of speed bumps along the way.

At one point, the film was scheduled to hit theaters in January of 2018 but lost that date earlier this year. In February, it was revealed that Bad Boys For Life had been moved back about nine months, and was set to hit theaters in November 2018.

All of this moving around was followed by the biggest setback of all; Bad Boys 3 lost its director. Back in March, Joe Carnahan announced his departure from the project.

It looks as though the film has yet to get back on track, and many fans are now wondering if it will every actually happen.