Three Teens And 24-Year-Old Who Committed Horrible Act Against Special Needs Man Have Been Charged With A Hate Crime

After a Facebook live video surfaced of four black friends torturing a special needs man surfaced [...]

After a Facebook live video surfaced of four black friends torturing a special needs man surfaced on the Internet, the police have finally identified the individuals and they have been charged with a hate crime, according to Daily Mail.

The suspects were identified as 18-year-old Jordan Hill, 18-year-old Tesfaye Cooper, 18-year-old Brittany Covington, and 24-year-old Tanisha Covington. They were arrested on Wednesday in connection to the disturbing video showing them beating up a young white man with special needs while shouting things like: "F**k Donald Trump," and "F**k white people."

After his captors set him free, the special needs man was found wandering the streets by the police on Wednesday.

The video was taken on Monday by Brittany Covington, but has since been deleted. While the special needs man was being held, the captors sent text messages to his parents, which prompted them to report their son missing to the police.

The special needs man was seen cowering in the corner with his mouth taped shut, and his arms tied. The captors kicked him, punched, and even cut his hair until his scalp bled.

The captors cut the man's clothes, and flicked cigarette ashes over the open wound on the man's head.

Another video taken showed the captors forcing the victim to drink water from the toilet.

Chicago Police Commander Kevin Duffin explained that the victim attended school with one of the kidnappers.

"Apparently, they met out in the suburbs," Duffin said. "These subjects then stole a van out in the suburbs and then brought him to Chicago."

Duffin continued by saying: "It is quite possible that it is a kidnapping. [The Victim] is traumatized by the incident and it is a little tough to communicate with him."

On Thursday morning, the Cook County State's Attorney Office said that the four friends were charged with a hate crime, aggravated battery, aggravated unlawful restraint, and aggravated kidnapping.

In a press conference, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said, "If you commit an act of violence in the city of Chicago, you will experience the full weight of the Chicago Police Department." He continued by saying, "Tonight, four individuals have felt the consequences of their actions."

"It's sickening," Johnson said. "It makes you wonder what would make individuals treat somebody like that. I've been a cop for 28 years, and I've seen things that you shouldn't see in a lifetime, but it still amazes me how you still see things that you just shouldn't. I'm not going to say it shocked me, but it was sickening."

What are your thoughts about this horrific crime?

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