Breakfast Has Never Been This Easy: Overnight Oats

You guys, there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you. Not sure how to put it gently, so [...]


You guys, there's something I've been meaning to tell you. Not sure how to put it gently, so I'm just going to come right out and say it: it's time to step up your breakfast game. 

Yes, you.

If you're still eating a mundane, boring breakfast or even worse, not eating any breakfast at all (GASP), you need to take a step back and reevaluate your life. And while you're pondering your life choices, you can indulge in our favorite breakfast staple ever: the deliciously simple overnight oats.

A big mason jar full of overnight oats first thing in the morning just kinda has a way of wrapping it's thick, hearty arms around you and telling you it's all going to be okay (even though you've already spilled coffee on your white jeans and you're also having an exceptionally frizzy hair day. Overnight oats don't care if you're sporting an unintentional afro, but you should probably try and get that situation under control, STAT). 

If you're not already making overnight oats, then you're wrong. Sorry if that's harsh, but it's necessary and you'll thank us once you try them. Honestly, what's not to love about this carefree breakfast? You can make them ahead the night before, roll out of bed and just go to town on these little jars of heaven (which will leave more time for you to focus on your disconcerting hair situation).

Basically you feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing you're decadently satisfying your taste buds while simultaneously fulfilling your essential nutritional needs, ALL before you've even made it out the door for the day. How's that for efficiency?!

Making your basic overnight oats could not be easier. Just follow these ridiculously easy steps:

  1. Find a cute mason jar with a lid (because everything tastes better when eaten out of a cute dish, obvi. Get yourself a cute spoon if you're feeling really fancy— we love these.)

  2. The only ratio you need to remember is 1:1. You'll mix 1 part rolled oats with 1 part liquid (almond milk, coconut milk, cashew milk, soy milk, skim milk, hemp milk, etc). We like to mix 1/2 cup rolled oats with 1/2 cup almond milk.
  3. Add in 1 TSP of chia seeds (they help absorb the liquid, turning into an almost pudding-like consistency. Yes, PUDDING for breakfast… be still my heart).
  4. Add in 1 TSP of sweetener of your choice (we like maple syrup).
  5. Mix it all up, secure the lid on tight, put it in the fridge overnight, then go to bed dreaming about what'll be waiting for you the next morning.

And here's the REALLY exciting part: there are approximately a bazillion ways to put your own spin on overnight oats. Once you've mastered the base (above), you can add literally ANYTHING you want: berries, honey, agave, cinnamon, yogurt, flaxseed, hemp seed, nuts, protein powder, cacao powder, goji berries, cacao nibs, canned pumpkin, shredded coconut, dried fruit… you have our full permission to go CRAZY, y'all.


We can't list every possible combination, but we can compile our favorite healthy, no-fuss overnight oats recipes to help spice up your morning and keep you going strong 'til lunchtime (because let's be honest, after breakfast you're already thinking about lunch…no? Just us? Ok.)

  1. Strawberry Banana Overnight Oats via The Almond Eater: Your basic overnight oats, with the addition of yogurt for added creaminess (make it 0% strained Greek yogurt for extra protein).
  2. Flax & Blueberry Vanilla Overnight Oats 
via Pinch Of Yum: If you're not into the milk-based oats, then this version is for you.
  3. Tropical Coconut Mango Overnight Oats
 via Oh My Veggies: Who doesn't want to wake up on a Monday morning and feel like they've been transported to a tropical beach somewhere? (We would add pineapple chunks to this recipe, too!)

  4. Peanut Butter Banana Overnight Oats via My Fussy Eater: Peanut Butter + Banana= EVERYTHING. Serious question, you guys: has a better marriage of glorious tastes ever existed
  5. Chocolate Peanut Butter Overnight Oats 
via Organize Yourself Skinny: Okay, actually the answer is yes: Peanut Butter + Chocolate exists, and it just might be better.
  6. Cookie Dough Protein Overnight Oats via PopSugar: Yes, we said cookie dough. Need we say more? (Didn't think so.)