Dave Bautista Goes off After Not Being Let Into Movie Theater

If there’s one person you’d probably not want on your bad side, Dave Bautista probably would fit the bill.

The former WWE superstar-turned-actor, who comes in at 6-foot-6 and 290-pounds, went on a Twitter tirade Monday night with all of the hate directed at a movie theatre. Flix Brewhouse Albuquerque was on the wrong end of his tweets after Bautista was not allowed to enter the theatre.

“[Flix Brewhouse Albuquerque] Worse experience at a movie theater in my life. Your manager Tiffany needs some serious help with her people skills. You’re welcome for taking pictures with all your customers while Tiffany was treating me & [Omari Hardwick],” opened Bautista, who added a poop emoji and the hashtag [bad business].

He continued, “We were one minute late! With an empty theater! Except for my assistant who was in the theater! Who came out and then was able to go back in!! Policies are policies but how about treating people with some sense of courtesy! In mine and [Omari Hardwick’s] case professional courtesy.”

Bautista then explained how the reason for him being one minute tardy was because he was busy in the lobby chatting and taking photos with guests in the establishment. He made that aware to Flix Brewhouse as the situation occurred and reiterated that in his third tweet, which also added that, “I didn’t mind [taking the photos]. I like to treat people with courtesy. But that’s just me.”

He wasn’t done just yet, though. The Guardians of the Galaxy cast member went on to point out the employee, Tiffany, saying in his next tweet, “[Flix Brewhouse Albuquerque]⁩ literally the trailers hadn’t event stopped playing when I texted my assistant that we weren’t being allowed in! That’s just messed up! Thanks Tiffany!!”

His final tweet of the series continued to reiterate that he was only one minute late, that Tiffany did not let him in and “she’s not good at the business thing.” He continued, “Or people skills thing. Or the being flexible with your “policies” when it’s just the decent thing to do.”

In the middle of the tweet barrage, Bautista sent a screenshot of his ticket. He was trying to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Previously, Bautista fired off some tweets after he said he was not allowed to go into a Journey concert.


Aside from blasting anyone who stands in his way online, Bautista has made a pretty notable impact on the big screen since stepping away from wrestling. He plays the role of Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy series and appeared in movies such as Riddick, Spectre, Blade Runner 2049 and The Man with the Iron Fists.

Bautista stars in an upcoming film called Stuber in which he plays the role of a Los Angeles cop and the father to Natalie Morales’s character.