Tim McGraw Sings the Praises of Ingrid Andress Ahead of Here on Earth Tour

When Tim McGraw chose his opening acts for his upcoming Here on Earth Tour, he picked Midland and rising star Ingrid Andress, because he is fans of both their music. While country music listeners are by now very familiar with Midland, Andress is a relatively new name, with only one single, "More Hearts Than Mine," released. Still, that song was enough to convince McGraw that he wanted her on the road with him.

"Ingrid Andress is going to be on the road with us," McGraw said in a video he posted on social media, when announcing the tour. "I've become a big fan of hers. Her first song, 'More Hearts Than Mine,' is just really incredible, if you haven't heard it, and the rest of her music's great. It's going to be a big summer. A lot of fun."

Andress shared a video McGraw made, expressing his gratitude that she was joining him on his Here on Earth Tour.

"We're super happy to have you on the tour with us," McGraw said. "We became big fans instantly. I was in the backyard by my pool, and had music playing. You came on with your song, 'More Hearts Than Mine,' and it stunned me. Instantly I ran in to Faith [Hill] and said, 'I think I found someone I want to go on tour with me.'

"We looked up your music and played everything we could find," he continued. "Both of us really fell in love with your voice and your writing and your style, and your honesty. I couldn't be happier to have you along with us on tour to make our tour that much better.

Andress spoke out after McGraw announced she was joining him on the road.

"I AM NOT OK," Andress posted. "I'm going on the [Here on Earth] tour with [Tim McGraw and Midland] this summer and it's gonna be INSANE - and [Luke Combs] is coming with us for a couple of dates too!! I'm freakin out. And I can't wait to see all your beautiful faces."


Photo Credit: Getty / WireImage / James Gourley