Thomas Rhett and Wife Lauren Akins Planning to Have 'At Least 5 or 6' Kids

Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren Akins are currently parents to three daughters, though the couple will undoubtedly expand their family at some point in the future. During an interview with Bobby Bones on The Bobby Bones Show, Rhett opened up about the size his family might reach, revealing that his wife wants to have at least two or three more kids.

"Me and Lauren are just kind of at the point where our house is so chaotic anyway as we continue to have kids," he said. "I definitely want to have a boy, but I doubt my wife would stop until we get to at least five or six. So, we'll see." After Bones asked Rhett whether he thinks he'll "go five or six in," the singer replied, "I think so. I really do. I don't really have a say so. If Lauren wants six kids, we are probably going to have six kids."

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Rhett and Akins share daughters Willa Gray, Ada James and Lennon Love, all of whom have gotten to spend an unprecedented amount of time with their dad over the past 10 months due to the pandemic. "To get to spend this much quality time with my kids, and this is the most nights in a row I've ever gotten to put 'em to bed and wake up with them," the 30-year-old told his record label. "And it's been absolutely amazing just to get to watch them grow up. So, as crazy and weird as this year has been, that is definitely a silver lining, just gettin' to watch my kids grow and gettin' to really be intentional with my wife."


Rhett added that another one of his silver linings in 2020 was the opportunity to slow down. "You know, 2020 has definitely been hard in many ways, especially for a lot of different families who have either lost work or people that have been on the front lines working in hospitals, or teachers trying to teach three-year-olds how to learn their letters and their numbers," he said. "But for us, I think 2020 has had several silver linings, and for me, I think I was going at such a rapid pace that 2020 definitely forced me to slow down. And so I hope I can take that mindset back into 2021."