Thomas Rhett Reveals His Wife's 'Intense' Pregnancy Cravings

With Thomas Rhett and wife, Lauren Akins getting ready to welcome their first biological child this year, the 27-year-old is making sure he keeps just about every craving of hers stocked up.

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In an interview with his label, BMLG, Rhett reveals his wife's cravings have intensified since she became pregnant.

"Ice cream is her normal life craving and it's intensified when she's pregnant," Rhett said. "So we always keep our freezer pretty stocked full of different flavors of ice cream. But I just feel bad for her, like I know how uncomfortable she is and how ready she is to just have the baby. So there's nothing much I can do about that except be a support system."

Earlier this May, the couple brought home their adopted daughter, Willa Gray, and are now close to expecting their biological child, another girl, this August.

The family has been sharing sweet snaps all summer long, including vacation photographs and maternity shots from the family's ethereal and charming photo shoot.

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On Friday, he dropped the single, "Unforgettable," saying the track is one that will definitely showcase his new life's impact on music.

"The last 20 or so song titles I've put in my phone have been about my daughter. I feel like the whole next record is going to be a pretty mushy one about my kids," he said.

With a number one single, "Craving You" currently dominating the charts, Rhett is expected to drop his third solo album later in the year.


Photo credit: Twitter / @RDcountry