'The Voice' Alum RaeLynn Opens up About Signing With Florida Georgia Line's Round Here Records (Exclusive)

The Voice alum RaeLynn has a new label home! RaeLynn just signed with Round Here Records, the label owned by Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley, releasing her debut single, "Bra Off," after announcing the new partnership.

"I love those guys so much," RaeLynn gushed to PopCulture.com. "I think it is such a beautiful thing to be a part of a label that's owned by artists, because they know what it's like every day. They know that it is about the song but it's also about building a brand, and I think that's so beautiful. I've never had a song at No. 1 on country radio, but I've been building my brand over the years and I've been a stickler about what I put out and all that, so the fact that they're giving me the freedom to put out more music that's super unique and building this brand, is beautiful."

The new music will be out early next year, which RaeLynn feels certain, and likely rightfully so, that she will reach a new level with her music, especially working alongside Florida Georgia Line.

"January I'm so excited! January, February," the 25-year-old revealed. "Besides that, I'm so excited, but also, there's so much fun that's about to happen. And I don't think the fans are just ready yet. Because this music is like next-level fun."

Florida Georgia Line also opened up about RaeLynn, praising her both as an artist and the songwriter.

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"[Brian Kelley] and myself are so excited to announce that we've signed our first female artist to [Round Here Records]," Hubbard posted on social media. "Not only is [RaeLynn] such an incredibly talented songwriter and artist, but also a great person and an inspiration to us all. She just dropped one of our favorite songs called 'Bra Off' so y'all be sure to go follow her and check out her new jam. Congrats RL. We love ya."

RaeLynn was first signed to FGL's Tree Vibez publishing company, before signing to their record label as well.


"Tyler and Brian are two of the most humble humans. I've met people that aren't even famous or successful that have a bigger head than them," RaeLynn told PopCulture.com. "And they are so grounded and they honestly are in music for the right reasons, and just because they love it. I think this whole thing that they've created with Tree Vibez, and creating a family to help lift just new songwriters and artists is absolutely amazing."

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