Morgan Wallen Blasts 'Hypocritical' Joe Biden Celebrations Amid Pandemic, Wants to Book Concerts

Morgan Wallen is none too pleased with the Joe Biden celebrations across the country, not because of anything pertaining to the election and how it unfolded but because of what he calls a double-standard. Wallen, who stole headlines in October after he was removed from his scheduled Saturday Night Live performance after videos captured him partying in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, called out the scenes of thousands of people in the streets.

In his Instagram story, Wallen, who was seen performing in last month's CMT Awards, sounded off what was going on, "the hypocrisy is real." With some of his anger likely stemming from what went down with his canceled performance, the other side of it, which is something that other musicians have complained about, is that concerts have mostly been voided amid the coronavirus pandemic. He continued, "If you don't agree with me, fine, we can still be friends, but I have a family, band and crew that need to be taken care of." Wallen welcomed his first child into the world over the summer.

With 2020 being his most successful year to date, Wallen headlined his Whiskey Glasses Roadshow tour that kicked off in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Jan. 2. Like many other musicians, the "Chasin' You" singer saw many of his plans this year come to a screeching halt. "If it's O.K. for us to party in the streets with no 'social distancing' then we can book shows right now," Wallen concluded his message.


He wasn't the only one in Nashville who was upset at the Biden victory celebrations that spanned from Philadelphia to Los Angeles after the race to 270 electoral votes was called on Saturday morning. Chase Rice, who also found himself in some controversy early in the pandemic after going rogue and performing a concert, echoed Wallen's similar sentiment. He tweeted on Saturday evening, "Also, glad to see thousands gathering again, cool, glad that's happening, concerts can resume." Brain Kelly of Florida Georgia Line was another who voiced his thoughts on the celebrations, writing on Instagram, "Time to go back to work AMERICA. Booking shows ASAP." A day after he posted this message, the other half of the band, Tyler Hubbard, revealed he tested positive for COVID-19, revealing that he is asymptomatic and quarantined on the band's bus.