Miranda Lambert Reveals Dreamy Maui Snaps Alongside Husband Brendan McLoughlin

Miranda Lambert is enjoying the sights and spending some quality time with husband Brendan McLoughlin with on the Hawaiian island of Maui for the Maui Songwriters Festival. In an Instagram gallery posted on Sunday, the "It All Comes Out in the Wash" singer recapped her weekend in the tropical locale, sharing several pictures with McLoughlin. The couple is shown in front of several picturesque backgrounds while cracking big smiles.

Lambert is also shown with some of her fellow songwriters during the festival, including Willie Nelson and Maren Morris. The "Mama's Broken Heart" and "Bluebird" singer is also shown solo posing under a sign for local business Alice in Hulaland.

The gallery has received more than 108,000 likes as of press time.

Maui is just one of many locales Lambert and McLoughlin have soaked in together since they met. In particular, the couple have spent lots of time in New York City, where McLoughlin worked as a police officer and they first met. Lambert spent a lot of time there while crafting her latest album, Wildcard, and, as she told PopCulture.com, the city had a deep impact on the album.

"New York is such a city full of art of all kinds and so, if you go there open minded, all the creativity is gonna surround you," she told us in November. "I was really excited to just kind of...I've only been to New York City a lot to work, so spending time there and actually soaking in the city was amazing."

One of the tracks that was inspired by New York City was "Dark Bars," which Lambert said was all about being able to blend in at the city's smoky bars, something that she can not typically do elsewhere due to her celebrity status.

"You can kind of walk around anonymously in the city some and just people watch and sort of be in your own head and still be surrounded by people," she said. "So in a way, you can get lonely if you want to even though there's a million people around and I don't think there's another city like that."


Wildcard is available now wherever you consume your music.