Miranda Lambert's Restaurant Salad Fight 911 Call Released

It seems Miranda Lambert's salad incident inspired multiple people to call 9-1-1.

The country music superstar made headlines earlier this week after she reportedly dumped a salad on a woman at Nashville's Stoney River Steakhouse after a verbal altercation took a turn between an older man and one of Lambert's dinner companion.

According to a TMZ report, the first call came from a staffer at the restaurant and said, "I have two guests about to get into a fist fight. Miranda Lambert got into it with another couple."

The employee then described the yelling that was going on inside the establishment before she claimed that "Miranda's trying to hit people and she's flipping over on 'em!"

Later, the restaurant manager placed another 9-1-1 call, begging police to send help because the fight had disrupted the restaurant's dining room. Law enforcement reportedly arrived at the scene after Lambert had left, and no report was filed for the incident.

The 9-1-1 recordings come a few hours after TMZ released video footage of the incident, showing the aftermath of Lambert dumping the salad on the man's wife.

The altercation began after the older man made a comment in the men's restroom to Lambert's friend that related to millennials and cellphones. Things starts "spiraling out of control" and police were called to intervene.

The man reportedly approached Lambert's table and "started screaming," leading the singer to "be held back," as witnesses told the outlet. Lambert then allegedly mouthed off at the man before she walked over to his wife and dumping the salad on her lap.

The videos and photos released by TMZ showed the family friend, Lambert and her mother getting yelled at by the older man whose wife Lambert later throw the salad on. The video then jumps to when Lambert's party left the restaurant before police arrived. The photos also show Lambert being restrained by her friend during the altercation with the alderman.

After news of the altercation went viral early this week, fans of the singer could relate to Lambert's actions on social media.

"Honestly I would pay miranda lambert to dump a salad on me," wrote one.


Another fan wrote, "My new professional goal is to earn enough that I would consider dumping a $20 Stoney River salad on someone's head."

Country singer Mickey Guyton called Lambert her "hero."