Miranda Lambert Says She and Brendan McLoughlin Are 'Golden'

Miranda Lambert and husband Brendan McLoughlin married a year and a half ago, and according to the singer, things are better than ever. During an appearance on Taste of Country Nights, Lambert discussed isolating with her husband amid the coronavirus pandemic, noting that they've "survived." "We're pretty much newlyweds since we've only been married a year and a half, but we've already survived a pandemic so I think we're golden," she said, adding that the two have learned even more about each other during the quarantine.

"He loves to clean, and I knew that but it has really come in handy," Lambert revealed. "The whole routine: make a meal, clean it up, make a meal, clean it up. We've had fun." The Texas native has shared her husband's cooking skills on multiple occasions on social media, recently posting footage of McLoughlin manning the grill during the couple's camping road trip up the coast. "We went through Pigeon Forge, up through Virginia, which is so beautiful, and stopped in Pennsylvania at a really cool KOA in Hershey," she recalled, "and then we went on to see family and my stepson and camped our way back down but went a different route."

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The couple stopped in South Carolina and New York to see family, including McLoughlin's young son, and Lambert explained that she's enjoyed being able to travel on her own terms. "I travel for a living, but I don't see much," she said. "That is the way to actually experience things." In a May update on their road trip, Lambert told followers that she was enjoying driving the couple's newly-purchased Airstream Globetrotter, dubbed "The Sheriff," because "most of my adult life I've been driven around on a tour bus to play music."


"Something about the highway is calming, and at the same time keeps you completely focused," she wrote. "B drives too and is the best navigator. We can set up camp in under 10 minutes once we pull in. Took a few times but we worked out the kinks." The 36-year-old told TOC that she has some commitments in September but could be back on the open road with her husband soon after for a trip out West to the California coast, especially if more parks open amid the pandemic.