Maren Morris Plans on Sleep Training Her Baby Before Hitting the Road

While Maren Morris has yet to announce any tour plans for the remainder of 2020, we do know that she plans on hitting the road –– and bringing her newborn son along with her. The singer-songwriter has already revealed she plans on raising the baby on the road, but will still make sure the infant gets plenty of sleep.

"We really want the baby to be sleep trained as much as possible before I go back out on the road," Morris said of the parenting plan she and her husband, Ryan Hurd, hope to put into place.

Part of that sleep training includes bypassing the typical blue nursery color fo boys, in favor of something with deeper hues.

"I want the nursery to feel really cozy and dark," Morris said, adding that she has already purchased blackout curtains.

Morris was quick to reach out to fellow moms who have successfully brought their family on the road with them, including Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott and Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild.

"She just seems like she has the answer for anything," Morris said of Fairchild. "She just has that energy, that boss lady energy like 'I've got it covered.'"

"All my artist friends that have raised children on buses have given me so many great tips on what's B.S., what you don't need, what you do need," she added.

Morris is encouraged that both she and Hurd will be able to juggle life as parents with being on tour, thanks to the artists, male and female, who have paved the way for them.

"It's been so cool to see it be normal to have children out there. It's a real life, they don't know any different," Morris noted. "I think it'll be cool to have this baby grow up on the road and that be a normal thing."

Morris has one more show scheduled before she will give birth, on March 7 at the Houston Rodeo.

"I took the show offer before I was pregnant," Morris said on the Ty Bentli Show (via Nash Country Daily). "It's such an iconic thing to get to do, especially being from Texas. So when I found out that I was pregnant, I was like, 'Oh my God, being nine months pregnant at the Houston Rodeo would be kinda badass.' It's only an hour show, and I'm going to be very stationary, I’m not going to be running around the stage, obviously.


"We'll keep it chill," she continued. "I am also excited because it will be my first show in four months. It’s kind of a homecoming. I have good feelings about it. I think I can do it. I think I can pull it off. I think it will be pretty epic to say that I did the Houston Rodeo nine months pregnant."

Photo Credit: Getty / Jeff Kravitz