Watch Luke Bryan's 'One Margarita' Performance on 'American Idol'

Luke Bryan brought the vacation vibes to American Idol's season finale on Sunday night, performing [...]

Luke Bryan brought the vacation vibes to American Idol's season finale on Sunday night, performing his most recent single, "One Margarita." "It's a drinking song, Ryan, a lot of people are drinking out there during the pandemic," Bryan told Idol host Ryan Seacrest before the song began. The Georgia native delivered his performance from home, standing in front of a green screen wearing a red and black printed shirt and a black baseball cap. His band members appeared behind him thanks to some editing magic, giving the impression that Bryan was on stage with a bass player, a guitar player, an acoustic guitar player, a mandolin player, a keyboard player and a drummer.

As the performance continued, footage from the tropically-inspired song's music video began playing behind Bryan before Bryan himself picked up an acoustic guitar. The music video was filmed during Bryan's annual Crash My Playa festival in Mexico and features footage of the singer enjoying the scenery as well as clips of fans at the festival. The video also includes appearances by Bryan's wife, Caroline, his mom, LeClaire, members of Old Dominion and Caylee Hammack.

"One margarita, two margarita, three margarita, shot / Don't worry 'bout tomorrow, leave all your sorrow out here on the floating dock," Bryan sings in the upbeat track. "When that sun lays down, we'll be on our way/ One more barefoot round, one more last chance to say/ Hey Señorita, don't you think we need a salt and a Buffett song?/ One margarita, two margarita, three margarita/ We'll be gone." "One Margarita" was written by Michael Carter, Matt Dragstrem, and Josh Thompson and is Bryan's latest release from his upcoming album, Born Here, Live Here, Die Here. The album was scheduled to be released on April 24 before being pushed back to Aug. 7 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Other songs already released from the project include the title track as well as singles "Knockin' Boots" and "What She Wants Tonight."

"So glad to get all my band guys back together, well virtually at least," Bryan captioned a clip of the performance on Instagram. "Hope y'all enjoyed it." During Sunday's show, Idol crowned its Season 18 winner following an unprecedented format change as the show transitioned to remote performances due to the pandemic. Seven finalists remained at the beginning of the show before the winner was chosen — you can find out who earned the honor here.