Lee Brice Shares New Video for 'Memory I Don't Mess With'

Lee Brice recently chose "Memory I Don't Mess With" as the second single from his upcoming album Hey World, and the singer accompanied the song with a music video that was released on Monday. "Memory I Don't Mess With" is all about reflecting on past experiences with an ex, and the video let Brice take a backseat as a story of young love played out on screen.

The clip focuses on a teen who has feelings for his friend, but he keeps them to himself because she's in a relationship. The video ends with the protagonist hitting the boyfriend after he gets physical with his girlfriend during a fight, but the final shots leave the ending open for interpretation. Brice shared a photo from filming on Instagram on Monday, writing, "Can't wait for y'all to see this!!"

Speaking to PopCulture.com last month, Brice shared that "Memory I Don't Mess With" is the type of song that defines him as an artist.

"'Memory I Don't Mess With' is the depths of who I am," he said, adding that the song is one of his favorites on his new album. "It's me musically to a T. If I had to write one type of song the rest of my life it'd be that kind of song."

Brice finished a good portion of his new album during quarantine, which he's been spending at home with his family in Tennessee. The singer and wife Sara share three children, sons Takoda and Ryker and daughter Trulee, and Brice shared that his kids are "doing great."

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"The kids, they're definitely coming of age in their own ages," he said. "Trulee's turning into a little girl now, a for real little girl with an attitude and stuff, and Ryker's just a little beast, and he's six, and Takoda's now 12, so he's getting in a lot of time in his life, and things are going to start getting crazy for him, and so it's a new interesting process every day."

He's also been doing some songwriting with his wife, who has a "songwriter's mentality."


"She's been writing a bunch of songs for a couple of years now, and so she'll have an idea or two every now and then, and she's like, "Hey, do you want...," Brice said. "She writes with all these people, but every now and then we'll write together... she's always thinking. She's got this young songwriter's mentality, and so always thinking about a song title, always, and so that's invaluable, but it's awesome, and so I'm always writing stuff down that she says."