Lauren Alaina Inspires Some of Boyfriend John Crist's Comedy Routine (Exclusive)

Lauren Alaina began dating Christian comedian John Crist earlier this year, after ending her seven-year romance with longtime boyfriend Alex Hopkins. Alaina has always been witty, showing off her own comedic side ever since her time on Season 10 of American Idol in 2011, so it makes sense that dating Crist would take his own comedy routine to a whole new level.

"First of all, she gives me a funny idea," Crist told "But everybody gives me funny ideas. Like, I walk into this building and I'm like, 'Oh,the visitor parking spots are here, that's a funny.' I get inspired by everything. I'm just with her a lot, so she says, 'I'm turning 25 on my birthday.' I'm like, 'Yeah when else would you turn 25?' She's like, 'I wrote that joke.' She didn't write any jokes for me. But she leads me down a road that inspires them."

One of the things that Crist jokes with Alaina about is something she takes quite seriously: the Enneagram, which discerns personality types using a number system.

"People are obsessed with it. Like, 'Im a four, this means I do this. I'm a three, it makes so much sense anymore.' So she learns that she's a two on the Enneagram and then she's reading this article, what Bible characters are what numbers. She's like, 'John, I'm a two. You know who else was a two? Jesus.' She's a helper, likes to put others in front of herself."

Crist was already famous in Christian circles, but dating Alaina makes him much more recognizable than he would be otherwise.

"Internet fame is different. My girlfriend is television famous," Crist explained. "That's different than internet [fame]. Television famous is like, people see her and they start crying. 'Oh, I can't believe it. 'They see me like, 'What's up dude, check your heart.' Like dude, show me some respect. I'm just kiddin', I don't really care. I like when people come up to say hi."

Alaina previously opened up about their relationship on The Bobby Bones Show, giving herself credit for some of his humor, even though others may not.

"I have helped him quite a bit in his jokes lately," she boasted. "And I don't get any credit! I was just told that people get paid to do that and I do it for free."


Crist will launch his Immature Thoughts Tour in October. Dates and venue information can be found on his website.

Photo Credit: Getty / Allen Berezovsky