Lauren Alaina Has a Starring Movie Role

Lauren Alaina is putting on her acting hat, revealing that she's set to star in an upcoming movie. During an interview with Audacy's Rob + Holly, the "Getting Over Him" singer didn't reveal too many details, but she confirmed that her new project is now filming.

"I need to stop bringing that up," she joked after telling Rob and Holly that she couldn't really talk about the project. "People want me to answer questions and they told me I'm not allowed." Alaina did share that she is the lead actress in the movie, which is shooting in Canada and began filming this week. The 26-year-old didn't specify whether the film is a made-for-TV movie or a feature film, though she previously starred in the TV movie Road Less Traveled, which was based on her No. 1 song of the same name. She also appeared in an episode of Nashville in 2017.

Alaina's interview took place amid the singer's two-week quarantine in Canada, which followed the quarantine she was under after being diagnosed with COVID-19. "I did my 14-day quarantine in America, had four days out and now I've done another 14 days," she exclaimed. "So I've been locked in a house for 30 days almost."

She's now recovered from the "very weird" virus and told Rob and Holly that her sense of smell and taste was only gone for around four or five days, "which I hear is pretty lucky." "I feel great now, but I was really sick for a few days," she recalled. "I never thought I needed to go to the hospital, but I was like, 'I haven't been this sick since...' I don't remember feeling like that since I was a kid. It was not good."

Alaina previously told PEOPLE that she was "pretty sick" and had symptoms including shortness of breath and "a horrible headache." The Georgia native explained that she was upset she caught the virus after being so careful with her social interaction over the past year. "I was so frustrated when I got it, because I have taken it so seriously, and I went over a year and didn't get it, and then I got it," she said. "I rarely even go to the grocery store, but it's a very contagious virus and I picked it up somewhere."


The singer added that she was days away from receiving her vaccination when she was diagnosed. "I was going to get it, because I didn't want to get the virus. But I got it," she said. "I don't know. It's different for everyone. I just want my life back, and it felt like a way for me to get one step closer to that."