Kenny Chesney Reveals All 12 Songs on Upcoming 'Here and Now' Album

We now know all 12 songs on Kenny Chesney's upcoming Here and Now album! The record, scheduled to [...]

We now know all 12 songs on Kenny Chesney's upcoming Here and Now album! The record, scheduled to be released on May 1, is one of the most personal reflections into Chesney's own life he has ever released.

"I'd say it's weird, the way people hear songs, and say, 'That's me!' Except I can't tell you how many times I've said, 'That's me.'" Chesney said in a statement, speaking about the album. "When it started happening, I was honored ... and as it went on, I started to realize how important music is in all of our lives. It's a life raft, a coach cheering for you, a shoulder to cry on, a reason to take stock.

"When I'm listening to songs in the studio, actually putting a record together, I'm thinking about that," he continued. "I'm thinking about Vibe Room conversations, people I meet moving around, the stories I'm told... the reasons people connect with the songs. I don't take it lightly, even when the song is supposed to be fun."

Much has happened to Chesney in the last few years, including dealing with the aftermath Hurricane Irma in 2017, and recently having to postpone the start of his Chillaxification Tour due to coronavirus. Regardless of his feelings, Chesney shares all of them on Here and Now.

"It's funny how you cut a song because you believe in what it says, or think it captures what No Shoes Nation teaches me every day," Chesney acknowledged. "But then the world turns, and suddenly, it truly is right now. And when I looked at these songs, this dozen recorded over the last two or three years, they were Polaroids from the parking lots, back home, the islands, my friends' lives. Every single one is someone I know, you know or may even be – and right now, our friends are absolutely the most precious thing we have."

See a complete track list below. Pre-order Here and Now, and find a list of all of his upcoming shows, by visiting Chesney's website.

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Here And Now Track Listing

We Do
Here And Now
Everyone She Knows
Knowing You
Someone To Fix
Happy Does
Tip of My Tongue
You Don't Get To
Beautiful World
Guys Named Captain