Kenny Chesney's New Song, 'We Do,' Is an Ode to No Shoes Nation

Kenny Chesney has shared another new song with fans ahead of his album release, dropping the the anthem-ready "We Do" on Friday, April 24. "We Do" is all about celebrating the joy of a live show, and rather than a timely lead-up to Chesney's Chillaxificaion Tour, the song is now a wistful ode to days that are likely farther in the future than fans are hoping.

"Who lives like we do, #noshoesnation? When we were talking about which songs to put out from this new record, I knew one thing: I had to share 'We Do' with everyone in @noshoesnation first," Chesney wrote on Instagram. "This song wouldn't exist without all of you at all the stadiums nationwide... the radio guys who blast our music when we come to town... all of our road family who mean so much to me. This song encapsulates everything I feel about who we all are together as No Shoes Nation."

In a second post, he added this his fan base is "one of a kind." "I hear the stories when we're on the road... The people who come together from all over, the cook-outs, the tiki bars, the people raising money for charity... You take all that energy and then you go out into the world and live your lives the same way," Chesney shared. "Knowing that, you really do wanna ask: Who lives like we do? Because the answer is simple: We Do."

The upbeat song paints a picture of a Chesney concert, a No Shoes Nation flag waving proudly. The singer namechecks concert staples like cowboy boots, alcohol and tailgating before adding a few lines about his band and crew, citing the symbiotic relationship between musicians and fans. "Not really sure who's lifting up you / You came to see us / We came to see you too," Chesney sings in the bridge.


"We Do" is the fourth song Chesney has shared from his album Here and Now, due out on May 1. Chesney is currently planning to support the album with his Chillaxificaion Tour, which had a planned April start but is now scheduled to begin on May 30, though it remains to be seen whether the trek will be pushed back even further due to the coronavirus.