Kelsea Ballerini Shuts Down Pregnancy Speculation: 'Let's Not Judge Bloat Levels on the Internet'

Kelsea Ballerini politely called out one fan who wondered whether she was pregnant after her [...]

Kelsea Ballerini politely called out one fan who wondered whether she was pregnant after her performance at the CMA Awards on Wednesday night, shutting down the speculation on Twitter Thursday morning. "Could our sweet adorable [Kelsea Ballerini] be pregnant???" the fan wrote, forgetting that commenting on another woman's body is never okay.

"I'm sure you mean well, but it's incredibly insensitive to ask or assume if another woman is pregnant," Ballerini replied. "I'm not, by the way. Just carrying around my organs. But if I were, I'd want to share that in my own time when I felt ready. Let's not judge bloat levels on the internet."

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During the show, Ballerini performed her current single "Hole in the Bottle" wearing a form-fitting black v-neck jumpsuit and a top hat, which turned out to be a nod to Shania Twain. Ballerini ended her performance by declaring "Let's go, girls," announcing hours later that Twain has joined her for a remix of the song, which will be released at midnight on Thursday, Nov. 12.

Along with performing, Ballerini also added an embarrassing moment to her portfolio at the CMA Awards, sharing the story with her followers on Twitter. "people often ask for my most embarrassing story, and I have a new one," she wrote. "while sipping some wine last night after the CMAs, somehow the glass shattered IN MY MOUTH, cutting my lip, all in front of Miranda Lambert. 2020 keeping me humble y'all."

In a reply to a fan who asked if she was okay, the 27-year-old wrote that her lip was "fine" but her ego was "shattered like the glass." Ballerini wasn't nominated for any awards at the CMAs this year, initially expressing her disappointment in a tweet when nominations were announced in September.

"last time this happened, I wrote homecoming queen the next day about the feeling. something beautiful will undoubtedly come from the current disappointment," she tweeted before congratulating those who were nominated. "nonetheless, congratulations to my friends & peers that got nominations. proud to be a part of the country family, always."

Shortly afterward, she released her new album, ballerini, a reworked version of her third album, kelsea, which was released in March just as the coronavirus pandemic made its way to the United States.

Ballerini told PEOPLE that she made the album "for people in their living rooms, people having a glass of wine, and people who have the time and the space right now that they wouldn't have normally to actually listen to a record, probably differently than they would have, had things been different this year."