Kelsea Ballerini Reveals Real Reason She Invited Brett Young on Miss Me More Tour

Kelsea Ballerini just launched her Miss Me More Tour, with Brett Young serving as her opening act. The Tennessee native, who has already sold out several shows on the cross-country trek, reveals the real reason she asked Young to join her on the road.

"I grew up going to arena shows, and I feel like that's always kind of been where I want to live and work up to—and create that world for people to step into for a couple of hours," Ballerini told Nash Country Daily. "Brett Young is out with me, and I keep saying, 'The girls are gonna come for him and stay for me, hopefully.' I feel like we're a good dynamic duo."

This isn't the first time Ballerini and Young have hit the road together. The two both served as opening acts in 2017, for Lady Antebellum's You Look Good Tour.

"We did something like 56 dates on Lady Antebellum's tour, and so we got to spend a lot of time together and really hit it off," Young recalled. "She's just such a great person, such a great artist, and now to have the opportunity to go out together, I think it's a great, great match-up. I think we have a lot of similar fans and we just enjoy each other's company, and so I'm a big fan of hers and am looking forward to spending the time."

Ballerini might be selling out shows, and be the newest – and youngest – member of the Grand Ole Opry, but at her core, the 25-year-old insists she is just a normal country music fan.

"I'm not famous," Ballerini told at a media event. "No, no. I don't think so. I don't really know if that's ever gonna click with me, that word. Carrie Underwood is famous. Garth Brooks is famous. I think for me, my perspective will always be a country music fan. I don't think I'll ever think of myself as a famous country music artist.

"I don't really think I ever want to think of myself like that," she continued. "I think that'll make me lose a little bit of my drive. Also, kind of the magic that I have when I meet people like Carrie and Garth [Brooks]."


Ballerini's Miss Me More Tour will head to Florida and Georgia next. Find dates and venue information at

Photo Credit: Getty images/Rick Diamond